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Arjen Robben has been out of action for Bayern Munich since March 22

Arjen Robben has been out of action for Bayern Munich since March 22 when his club claimed a 2-0 triumph over BorussiaMongladbach. The Dutch winger tore his stomach muscles during this match and the experienced player has ever since then, entered the training complex at SäbenerStraße of Bayern Munich in order to kick-start his rehab training.

There still has not been an official return date set for Robben as it remains uncertain as to when the 31 year old player will be fully recovered and be able to get back into the pitch but Robben has stated that he is hoping to come back by April 28 which is the date when Bayern Munich will be facing off with Borussia Dortmund.

ArbenRobben unveiled information concerning his injury as he said: ‘’That’s my hope. And that’s why I am proud of this team that they beat Leverkusen in the penalty shootout of the quarterfinal. I also hope that we’ll advance against Porto. Then it looks much nicer for me too. Everything runs smoothly. I am under way again. I ride the bike, will start running again soon. We’ll do it reasonable, but also work hard for my comeback. I can’t exactly when that will be.”

Even if Robben is not able to recover in time for Bayern’s match against Borussia Dortmund, his club are still the favorites on winning the German League and are still capable on achieving this task without having the services of ArjenRobben.

One of the objectives of Pep Guardiola in this season is to win the Treble with Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga title is under their control but lifting the Champions League silverware is a much more difficult task as some of the best clubs in the world are competing such as: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic Madrid, Porto and PSG. Robben is hoping that this injury will not affect his performances during these hugely important Champions League matches.