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Despite injuries, Robben is interested in signing a contract extension

According to the father of ArjenRobben, the injury riddled player is open and actually hoping to have his contract with the German club extended even though he has been sustaining a string of injuries that has kept him out of action for a significantly long period of time.

Hans is ArjenRobben’s dad and he works as his agent, he has stated that it normally is not a problem for Robben on having his contract extended as the 32 year old player has managed to play a huge role for Bayern Munich in their success of successively winning the Bundesliga title as well as many other pieces of silverware from the past 10 years.

Out of the past 7 seasons, ArjenRobben has missed out of 60% of Bundesliga matches but he has still been able to contribute enormously for the German club even though he has consistently been suffering with injuries by helping to win the previously mentioned pieces of silverware.

Hans stated that Robben is indeed willing to continue performing for Bayern Munich and despite a contract extension being a realistic outcome, this does not ensure that ArjenRobben will indeed get a renewal as the final decision is eventually going to be decided by the club in itself.

Robben’s agent, Han said: ‘’Normally it shouldn’t be a problem, but it takes two to tango.”

The current contract of ArjenRobben with Bayern Munich expires in the next summer but if everything falls into place and goes how the player wants it to then there is a chance of seeing him perform for a longer period of time at the Allianz Arena.

At this point in time, there has been 7 Bundesliga matches played but due to injuries, ArjenRobben as only been able to make 3 appearances and this might hamper his chances of being offered a contract extension by Bayern Munich.