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Skills of Douglas Costa remind Arjen Robben


Some of the players make such a place in the mind of the sports lovers that they try to find out glimpses of his skills in every mind-blowing move made by other players. Arjen Robben was such a player, who is still remembered for his extraordinary skills in football. The goal of Douglas Costa for Juventus, against Genoa, had a glimpse of the skills of Arjen Robben. The football experts have started comparing him with the Dutch superstar Arjen Robben after his stunning goal to seal victory in the Serie A match against Genoa. The fierce move towards inside and shooting the ball with the left foot by Douglas Costa has stunned the whole world. This shot has been copied from the Netherlands maestro Robben. Costa is getting compliments that he is Robben in disguise.


Arjen Robben, the Dutch maestro is now playing for Groningen. Since he has retired from international football, he is now playing for the Dutch club situated in the Groningen province of Netherlands. He is basically blessed with his skills of dribbling and passing. He has a high accuracy rate of correct passes to his teammates.

As he was a footballer of the youth team of the Groningen club, he now wants to spend his last days of the football career in his previous club. Robben has achieved lots of milestones in his career from winning all the posh football leagues of the world. But the only thing he couldn’t achieve is the FIFA world club. His nation qualified more than one time for the finals but they failed to crack the last hurdle. His club career went through clubs like PSG, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich as well. He played in Bayern Munich for more than 10 years and has appeared for them 201 times.