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ArjenRobben Put on an Incredible Endurance Run

Arjen Robben finished a quick 15K run on Sunday in his home country. The former captain of the football team of his country finished the race with an astonishing time. He declared his departure from football in recent times and is fully focused on staying fit. He has since shifted to road racing to make use of his lightning-quick speed.


With amazing splits of 5K and 10K, he ran the 15K under the average time. He took the major responsibility of being the captain for several years as well as being part of the great team which sadly succumbed to a cup loss against some of the best opposition. His dribbling prowess and speed were well-known. He has won numerous trophies with his team and has gotten widespread praise for his contributions.

Robben started playing football when he was a young age and joined the neighborhood team in Germany which was well known. But it took him until he was a teen before he committed to playing for their rivals. Just at the tender age of 19, he achieved success in making his debut on the big stage. In the subsequent year, he moved back to his parent club once more. He successfully played for the club for a few seasons before making a move out to their rivals. 

He spent three seasons there, guiding them to their first title and the local cup. His previous team was a powerful club in the league for the last 30 years achieving regular trophies. Robben has played for them for more than 10 years. At a young age, his father made him fall in love with the game. He is still regarded by many as the best in his field and someone who scored goals for fun against strong opposition.